Endorsements for Steve

State Representative Joe Sosnowski

Senator Dave Syverson

Former Congressman Don Manzullo

Chairman Joe Chiarelli

Republican Board Caucus Leader Paul Arena

Sheriff Gary Caruana

Former State Rep Tim Simms

Jan Klaas

Paul Hofmann

Board Member Jean Crosby

Mayor of Loves Park Greg Jury

Board Member Burt Gerl

Board Member David Kelley

Board Member Brad Lindmark

Board Member Fred Wescott

Rockford City Council Member Kevin Frost

Bryan Davis, Deputy Chief of Staff to former Congressman Don Manzullo

State Representative Andrew Chesney

Board Member Keith McDonald

Board Member Aaron Booker

Board Member John Butitta

Board Member Jas Bilich

Board Member Kevin McCarthy

Rockford City Council Member Chad Tuneberg

Harlem Township Supervisor Gary Jury

Board Member John F Sweeney

Lowell Ingram

Former Board Member Faye Lyon

Former Board Member and Finance Committee Chairman Ted Biondo

Former Republican Board Caucus Leader David Boomer

Rockford City Council Member Tim Durkee

Rockford City Council Member Frank Beach

Mayor of South Beloit Ted Rehl

Village President of Machesney Park Steve Johnson

Congressman Darin LaHood

Ted Biondo

"As Chairman of the Winnebago County Finance Committee for 8 years, I was constantly impressed with Steve Schultz knowledge of the county’s financial process in audits and budget development and his steadfast concern for the cost-effective use of taxpayer’s dollars."

Ted Biondo Former Board Member and Finance Committee Chairman